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Automated build process for CICS Web Services (wsbind files), XML Transforms (xsdbind files) and JSON Transforms (jsbind files)

We are working on modernizing our environment by transitioning to an CI/CD Pipeline in conjunction with a modern source code management tool. Currently there is no ability to automate the build of CICS Web Services, XML transform and JSON transfor...
1 day ago in CICS Transaction Server for z/OS / Other 0 Under review

Customer would like to have DataPower support for resume Tpipe. Have Front side Handler for ICON (Resume Tpipe support)

Customer applications are using ISRT ALTPCB and Datapower only supports ICAL and customers have to revise applications. It is a bottleneck to deploy Datapower to customers . It would be awesome if Datapower can support Resume Tpipe and nothing wil...
about 23 hours ago in IMS Transaction Manager / Open Access TM 0 Submitted

AD - v6.0.1 - CCS project monitor field doesn't work in the sorted order of time duration (Eg; build progress)

In AD version v6.0.1 after build or post build processes there is no facility to display long time consuming build progress projects from the CCS admin console. In the top right corner there is "status field" that only filters status alone that do...

It would be helpful to set an automation symbol instead of a "=" or the system name in the Supporting Resource of the APLs in the policy

We have an APL (IE01FD1) that has a Supporting Resource (IE01CTL). Since the Supporting Resource runs on different systems (X21, Y21 and Z21), we must define the APL three times (IE01FD1_PLEXX, IE01FD1_PLEXY and IE01FD1_PLEXZ) and in it the Resour...
about 12 hours ago in IBM Z System Automation 0 Submitted

Receive an error message when trying to open a file in a manner that isn't allowed based on the file type.

Currently if I try to double click on a vsam file in remote systems explorer, nothing happens. If a developer is unfamiliar with the fact that you cannot open a vsam in this manner in idz, they might be confused and continue to double click not kn...
1 day ago in z/OS Explorer / Remote System Explorer 0 Submitted

Global settings for useBearerScheme="false" in server.xml

It can only update one config and effectuate to all zosconnect_authToken elements. The risk for the change would be smaller and it would benefit to both application and support teams.
2 days ago in z/OS Connect 0 Submitted

Add Heap Memory High Watermarks to default RTMC Dashboards for JVMs

We would like to see the 64-bit and 31-bit high water marks for the heap regions used by JVMs limited by MAXXMES, MAXXMAP, and EMPS. This would be incredibly helpful to monitor Java for any problem troubleshooting, and give us an easier way to fin...
2 days ago in z/TPF Product Family / z/TPF 0 Under review

IBM Z Open Automation Utilities should eliminate dependencies on SSVIVERS returned by SSI 54.

SSVIVERS has been a highly-volatile field over the years for both JESes. Historically, these values have been: JES2 Value JES3 Value OS Release'SP v.r.m' 'SP v.r.m' MVS/SP'OS v.r.m' 'OS v.r.m' OS/390 V1.1 through V2.9'OS 2.10 ' 'OS 2.10 ' OS/390 V...
30 days ago in Z Open Automation Utilities 0 Future consideration

Improve the messaging for LCP Configuration changes in GDPS

LCP is critical to our cyber protection planning. We maintain our SGC captures for 7 days, and for security reasons wish to raise an alert of the retention period is changed. Currently there is no GEOxxxxxW message issued just a vague GEORPT messa...
16 days ago in GDPS 2 Future consideration

Issue a GEOxxxxxI message every time an LCP SGC capture expires, including a creation timestamp in the message information

This would allow customers relying on LCP for cyber security to monitor the expiration of capture to ensure that no captures were being expired outside of agreed time limits.
15 days ago in GDPS 3 Future consideration